Gardener Resources

Seed Sources

Below are some recommendations from community gardeners, past and present!

Johnny's Seeds

Great source for vegetables, flowers, herbs, and general garden supplies! Based in Maine, Johnny's conducts extensive breeding and research trials of new varieties, and has a wide selection!

Burpee's Seed Company

Burpee's has been in business since the 1880's. They are the classic American seed company, and have an extensive collection of seeds to order.

Fedco Seeds

A gardening cooperative with subsections for seeds, flower bulbs, trees, edible bulbing plants, and garden supplies. Based in Maine, they specialize in cold-tolerant selections for the Northeastern climate; while Pennsylvania's climate isn't as rigorous as Maine's, Fedco offers varieties that early- and late-season gardeners here may find useful. Their prices are sometimes much cheaper than other sites due to their status as a co-op.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

A large collection of heirloom vegetable and fruit seeds established by Jere Gettle (you may have seen him on 'Oprah'). Extensive online listings include some very rare and usual selections found in few other places. Prices tend to run a bit higher than some other vendors, though.

Seed Savers Exchange

In addition to its membership-only association of gardeners who grow and exchange heirloom vegetables and flowers, the SSE has a catalog containing selections freely offered to the public, much of which can also be purchased online.