May 6 & 20 - Preparing the site

Post date: May 28, 2014 1:53:00 PM

Our first visit was Tuesday, May 6th during our 12noon-1pm lunch break. In that time, we pulled all the weeds, raked loose the soil and spread a thin layer of Penn State compost, (which was once trash), over the plant-able area.


Our team of eight people made quick work:


We found some resident bunnies:

Their mother had apparently buried them there hoping to provide them with easily accessible vegetables later in the season. Um, no. So, the dilemma for us was: Do we remove them and risk them dying or leave them alone and risk them coming back?

We left them alone.

Two weeks later, on May 20th, we returned to an empty nest. Perfect. We fortified the perimeter with a fence attached to 8 metal steaks. A $24 supply run to Tractor Supply was worth it for a little peace of mind.