May 30 - Planting

Post date: Jun 11, 2014 3:00:34 AM

On a sunny and 70 degree Friday, May 30th, seven of us ventured out to populate our plot over lunch.


1. The temperature change may have shocked the plants that were only outside for one night prior to planting: cucumbers, cilantro and basil. They could have been left outside for longer than a day before planting.

2. Birds enjoyed the corn seeds and uprooted the sprouts.

3. Bugs and/or rodents enjoyed the early cucumber leaves and we lost several plants. (Good thing we had lots of extras!)

Here's how the indoor starts looked on their 2 month birthday (after one week in the new dirt, sun and rain):

In the same order as the 1-month photo, from left to right:

"Mortgage Lifter" & "Cherokee Purple" Tomatoes



Cilantro & Basil

Jalapeno Peppers


1. Yogurt cups with the bottoms cut out helped with temperature regulation and pest resistance. The herbs, cucumbers and corn appreciated their "shelters".

2. Watering in the evenings for the next two days helped establish roots.

3. Having the rocks through the center gave us access to most of the area and helped us to NOT step on anything

The haricots vert seeds and garlic & onion bulbs were also growing well after just one week: