July 1 - Waiting and Watching

Post date: Jul 18, 2014 12:58:48 AM

For one month, only a few individuals visited the plot to pull weeds - the few that there were - and take progress pictures for the group. It was a patient month of waiting and watching as the plants took shape.

June to July change in plant size


1. Only 5 of every 12 corn seeds emerged, and any stalks that were shaded out by cucumber leaves died.

2. Lettuce and cilantro went to bolt in 3 weeks, causing both to take on a bitter taste. Note for the future: these two plants must be harvested quickly!!


1. Compost provided all the nutrients, and seemed to prevent a lot of weeds. (A sprinkling of organic fertilizer was used at the time of planting, but that was the only time).

2. June was incredibly rainy, humid and hot, so the plants had plenty of water.