Welcome Gardeners

Announcements and Updates

10/26/22: Final workday is November 5th! Unsure if you have met the two workday requirements? Email sba19@psu.edu.


  1. Check out our new garden watering schedule document https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zyixmQxBuG14M2iFds05JkdayaMKwFFi2V_3Dq442OE/edit?usp=sharing. If you are going out of town, or if we need the pollinator garden watered, this will be the platform for that and for volunteers to sign up to help.

About the Garden

The Penn State Community Garden was founded in 2009 and has since grown into a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students, faulty, staff, and community members interested in organic gardening in State College. We are an official student club and a part of Penn State's Sustainability Institute.

As a student club, the garden must reserve 50% of our plots for students every year, but we welcome Penn State faculty, staff, and State College community members to apply for the remaining plots. Plot applications typically open in March of each year.

As a member of the Community Garden, you will have access to a 10' X 15' garden plot and free use of garden tools, compost and mulch. We require that all plot members attend at least two garden workdays, where we work together to maintain and improve the garden. We also offer free educational workshops and events to the public throughout the growing season.

For more information on applying for a garden plot, please visit the Apply page. For more information about the member requirements, please see our Gardener Agreement. To check out upcoming Garden workdays, workshops, and other events, check out our Calendar. If you'd like to stay up to date with Garden news and events, please subscribe to our email listserve (instructions here). Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!


Parking & Transportation is more actively monitoring our parking area during business hours. If you do not have a permit to park on campus at Penn State-UP, you are at risk of getting a ticket. P&T is informed of our scheduled workdays and workshops, and all gardeners are allowed to park onsite at these times. Outside of those days and times, here is how you can comply with University parking rules:

1. If you are a community member who DOES NOT have an affiliation with the university, your name has been given to the Parking Office on campus for you to pick up a free permit, valid at the parking area at the garden until the end of the season. You will need to bring an ID and your vehicle's license plate number.

2. If you are a faculty/staff/student member, you must have a permit to not be at risk of being ticketed. The options for permits or parking that are valid in the area are the following:

a. Purchase a Commuter Permit ($10/month); Summer Student Commuter pass ($17 valid now until August 18th)

b. Purchase an EVE permit for evening/weekend access ($6/month)

c. Pay at the pay station at Jordan East ($1/hour)

d. If you are a student with a ride pass, you can also get an EVE permit for $6/month

If you do not purchase a permit, you will be at risk of being ticketed. Carpooling and alternative transportation are encouraged.

Directions to the Garden

The garden is located on campus near the Medlar Baseball Field, downhill from the MorningStar solar home, with Tussey Mountain standing in the distance. Using Google Maps to navigate to the MorningStar Solar Home will bring you right to us! You can park in the grassy area uphill from the garden (however, see 'Important Parking Information' above).