Site Login & How-To

All members of the Community Garden can add content and edit this website when they are signed in.

1) If you don't have a Google or Gmail Account,
sign up for one here:
If you haven't already, send the address you register to the Webmaster so that it can be registered with the site (will take a day)

2) Once you have a Google account (Gmail or other):

Click the 'Sign In' button here or in the website's footer (below), and sign in with your Google Account username and password.

3)  This bar will appear at the top of every page:

4)  You should now be able to edit the website!

You can create new pages of different types (pages, lists, news, etc) and edit the content on existing pages.
Show off your gardening skills with pictures, videos, newsposts, file uploads...

5)  Head over to the Garden Blog section to find the blog page associated with your plot

6) To create a photo album, share it with others, and embed it into a page on the website:
  1. Sign into your Google Account and head over to
  2. Create a new album and upload your photos into it; make sure the album is set to 'Public'
  3. Inside your photo album, click the 'Share' button and enter emails of those you want to share with (e.g.
  4. Back on the Community Garden website, make sure you're logged in and find your Plot Blog
  5. Hit 'new post' to create a new blog post
  6. From the top, left-hand toolbar, select 'Insert >> Picasa Web Slideshow'
  7. Paste in the address of the photo album you created in Step 2
  8. Hit 'save', and the page is live!
If you've never played with a system like this, some things might seem very unfamiliar at first. I promise, though, it's not too much harder to use than a regular word processor! Stick with it, and you should be able to find everything you need.
Documentation on Google Sites is available here.

If you have any questions, just email me.
Happy Gardening,

Brandon Curtis
Garden Web Overseer

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