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Terrariums, T-Shirts & Food Waste

posted May 13, 2018, 7:19 AM by Psu Garden
Hello Gardeners!

Workshop & Workday!
We will be having a Moss Terrarium Workshop on Saturday, May 26th from 10am-11am. See the attached flyer for more information! Following the workshop, we will be having a garden workday from 11am-1pm.  

We are also looking into having a t-shirt and tote bag sale for the Community Garden, and we will be accepting designs for this sale. If you have a design for the t-shirt, please send it to me by May 25th so that we can vote on them at the next workday. In order to gauge the level of interest and figure out how much the t-shirts and totes would cost, please let us know in the poll if you would be interested in purchasing one!

Please RSVP for these events and your interest in the t-shirts at Please let us know if you have any questions!

Food Waste
In the past, we've had some significant issues with food wastage, such as unharvested and rotting produce. We understand that the growing season (late spring to early fall) is a busy time of year, including time away from State College. 

In order to reduce food wastage this year, we have two options to deal with produce while you're traveling (or otherwise unable to tend your plot). We highly recommend you consider these options, and let us know when you plan to be away, because we will be monitoring plots for neglected and rotting produce this year.

1) Collect and donate produce to the State College Food Bank while you're away. 
2) Create a network of people that would collect produce for personal use in your absence.

If you are interested in either of these options, please fill out this survey form:

We will be monitoring plots for neglected and rotting produce (in addition to weeds). If food waste / neglect persists in a plot for greater than 7 days, we will send out a warning email (up to 3 warning emails). If the produce is not harvested within 3 days of the final warning, then we will begin to collect the produce and donate it to the State College Food Bank until the plot begins to managed and tended again. 

Thank you for your time and participation, If you have any questions, please contact Jasmeet (, Food Donation Coordinator, PSU Community Garden.