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March 28 - Starting seeds

posted May 28, 2014, 6:00 AM by Jessie Driver   [ updated May 28, 2014, 6:51 AM ]
Memorial Day, May 26th, was our target planting date, so following the package instructions, we started these plants from seed between March 28 and April 4:

Picture taken after 1 month, from left to right:
"Mortgage Lifter" Tomatoes (10 plants) - grown by Susan Rickards
Marigolds (36 plants) - grown by Jessie Bourland
Cucumbers (38 plants) - grown by Adam Lugibill
Cilantro & Basil (16 of each) - grown by Denny Connolly
Jalapeno Peppers (16 plants) - grown by Heather Dawson


1. Any soil (not "dirt") seemed to be fine, as long as it was kept moist.
2. Several different paper-based pots worked, store-bought or recycled egg cartons.
3. Using plastic or metal around the pots caught and held extra water.


1. Some seeds took 3 weeks to emerge! But, we didn't give up.
2. Sometimes the seed did not detach from the first set of leaves. Pulling it off pulled the whole leaf off.
3. The Jalapenos (far right) got scattered by the family dog. After picking them up they were fine.