Important Dates

Below is the list of upcoming workdays, workshops, potlucks, and other socials.

        Location details will be specified as they arise.

        All Saturday workdays begin at 10 am.
        Dates are subject to change if a major conflict arises, such as a home football game.

If you see something in the garden that you feel would be a fitting task for the workday please let one of the officers know.

Penn State Community Garden Events, Workshops, and Workdays

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May 2, 2018 Garden Kickoff Workday! 5:30-7:30pm 
May 2, 2018 Garden Potluck 7:30pm 
May 26, 2018 Build Your Own Terrarium Workshop 10am 
June 9, 2018 Garden Workday (after Pollinator workshop) 
June 9, 2018 Wild Pollinators with Shelby Fleischer 9:30 
June 27, 2018 Garden Workday 
July 21, 2018 Garden Workday 
August 15, 2018 Pickling and Fermentation Workshop 5:30-7:30 
August 18, 2018 Garden Workday 
Showing 9 items